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Important Information for Students Planning to Graduate

Dear Students:

If you intend to graduate next term, please contact the Registrar’s office. You must meet with the Registrar at least one term prior to graduation to complete your graduation audit and discuss the requirements for the CALE and NCCAOM licensure exam.

Please see below for what you need to do by then, and be sure to check the CA Acupuncture Board website and exam calendar at Note that the Board will shift the date of the exam from year to year. It is strongly recommended that you do not make any plans until the date for the CALE has been announced by CAB.

Applying to Take the Exam

You can apply to take the California exam by visiting:  I also have hard copies of the forms available at my desk, so please feel free to come see me if you need a copy.  The initial application fee is $75.00 (the examination fee is $550.00).  Additional information about applying for the exams, including an examination preparation guide, can be found on the California Acupuncture Board website.

Sending Official Transcripts

You must order official transcripts showing any coursework you completed toward your MSOM degree at another school (including basic sciences) to be sent to the Board directly from the school where you took the class.  AIMC Berkeley sends one official transcript to the California Board upon graduation based on your request.  We also send all supporting documents of your coursework and pre-graduation information to the California Board according to the Board requirements.  Pre-graduation information for the National Board is sent by request only – please email or stop by if you are planning on taking the National exam.

International Transcripts

If you took classes at schools overseas, and you have been awarded transfer credits for those classes at AIMC Berkeley, you must order a copy of your transcript AND a copy of your international credit evaluation sent to the Board.  If this applies to you, you will have had one of these done when you applied to AIMC Berkeley.  You should be able to order a copy of the evaluation rather than requesting a new one.

CPR and First Aid

With your application to the State Board, you will need to include a copy of your First Aid and CPR/AED cards.  Your certification in First Aid and CPR/AED may appear on the same card or on separate cards.  When submitting your cards, please make sure that:

  1. You have also submitted a copy of your cards to me so that I can award the eight hours required by the Board for these classes on your transcript.
  2. You have photocopied the front and back of the cards.

Clean Needle Technique and Documentation

The CALE application requires that documentation of your Clean Needle Technique coursework must be included with your application.  If you completed AC 111 at AIMC Berkeley, we will provide this for you – you do not need to send CNT documentation with your application.  However, I may need further information from you in order to do so – please see below for details:

If you…

  • Took AC 111, Acupuncture Technique I, at AIMC Berkeley: You completed Clean Needle Techniques in this class, and you do not need to anything else.  I have your information on file and will send the necessary documentation to the Board accordingly.
  • Took Clean Needle Technique in a class at another school: You should have received a certificate when you completed the course.  Please send a copy of this certificate to me and I will include it in your paperwork to the Board.  If you did not receive a certificate, then you have not completed the requirement (please see below).
  • Have not taken Clean Needle Technique or AC 111: You will have to take the Clean Needle Technique course offered by the Council of Colleges (CCAOM).  AIMC Berkeley hosts CNT classes offered by CCAOM.  For information about this class, please visit Council of Colleges of Acupuncture.  You will receive a certificate of completion from CCAOM.  You should send a copy of this certificate to AIMC and to the Board as soon as you receive it.  Also, please let me know as soon as possible if this applies to you and you have not yet taken the course.  I must indicate to the Board that your status is “pending” for completing this requirement.

Note:  If you are planning to take the National Board Exam, you must complete the CCAOM course regardless of taking AC 111 at AIMC Berkeley or similar at another California school.

If you haven’t done so already, please make an appointment with the Academic Dean to complete your final degree audits as soon as possible.

Best wishes to all of you as you get ready to take this final step into the profession!

Thank you,


Brian Lieske, Registrar
P (510) 666-8248 x102
F (510) 666-0111

Please use the form on the right to email the Registrar’s Office

2015 Commencement Ceremony & Reception

Event Details

Commencement exercises for the Fall, Winter, and Spring-Summer classes of 2014 – 2015 will  take place on Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Grandview Pavilion at 300 Island Drive in Alameda, CA.

The ceremony is scheduled to begin in the ballroom at 11am. Graduates must arrive no later than 10:30am. An hors d’oeuvres reception is scheduled to follow in the adjoining garden pavilion.

Click here to view the Graduation Program from the last year’s Ceremony. This is the program from 2014 and is for informational purposes only. It is not the current program; please disregard the dates.


Invitations will be available for pickup in the admin office beginning in early April 2015. You may opt to have your invitation and tickets mailed to you by indicating your preference on the RSVP form (below). Graduates are entitled to five invitations each to send to family members and friends.


Graduates will receive two guest tickets free of charge with his or her RSVP. Additional adult tickets are $20 apiece. Children under 10 are $10 and children under 2 are free. Accommodations will be made and hors d’oeuvres and beverages ordered based upon RSVPs.

Faculty & Board Members receive admittance free of charge, but must have a ticket to attend the event. Please use the link above to RSVP.

Current Students & Alumni are also invited to attend the ceremony. Tickets are $20 apiece and may be purchased using the link above.

Please purchase your tickets ahead of time, as due to venue restrictions, tickets will not be sold at the door. Each guest must have a ticket to attend the event.


Please RSVP for yourself, submit your measurements for caps and gowns, and submit your nominations for faculty and student speakers no later than Friday, May 1. Additional guest RSVPs will be accepted through May 8.

RSVP for AIMC Berkeley Graduation 2015

Please share the above link with your friends and families.

Caps & Gowns

Graduating Students/Graduates and Faculty participating in the ceremony will dress in traditional regalia, which will be ordered in advance. Please record your cap and gown size (head circumference and height) when you RSVP. Instructions on how to measure yourself are included on the RSVP form. Alternatively, an administrative staff member will be happy to measure you for your cap and gown when you RSVP in person.

Note: Gowns and hoods may be wrinkled from shipping and should be ironed or steamed prior to the ceremony.

Please note that caps, gowns, and hoods are rentals and must be returned following the reception. You are responsible for any damage to the caps, gowns, and/or hoods. If you would like to wear/keep your gown and hood after the ceremony and reception, you may do so; but you must be responsible for returning them to the administrative office in the week following the ceremony. If you do not return them within this time frame you will be required to pay the full value of the gown and hood.

Faculty & Student Speaker Nominations

Students are invited to nominate a fellow student and faculty member to speak at the ceremony. Nominations are submitted as part of the RSVP process. Please click on the button above to RSVP.


Call or email Sayuri Kimbell at 510 666-8248 x125 or

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