Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley

Why AIMC Berkeley?

AIMC Berkeley delivers a comprehensive education and training in acupuncture and oriental medicine while preparing students to succeed in practice as primary care practitioners in a variety of integrative settings.


  1. Our Successful and Accomplished Graduates
  2. Our On-site & Off-site Clinical Training
  3. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Acupuncture Curriculum
  4. Our Internationally Trained Faculty
  5. Our Strong Biomedicine Department
  6. Our Vibrant & Supportive Student Culture
  7. Our Berkeley Location
  8. Our Impressive Herbal Pharmacy

“If you come into th[is] program wishing to learn from every experience, each person, and realize that your practice begins now, immediately, wherever you are, defined by your present conditions but confined by none, then come to AIMC” Berkeley

– Barbara Hammer, current student and intern

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Learn More About Our Unique Program Differentiators

Japanese Medicine
AIMC Berkeley is uniquely rooted in traditional Japanese medicine, which is known for its gentleness, its usefulness in treating sensitive patients (including seniors and children), and its high quality, easy to use Kampo herbal remedies. All students at AIMC Berkeley receive specialized education and clinical training in Japanese modalities and theories including abdominal diagnosis; moxibustion heat therapy; contact needling; and the use of intradermal needles for gentle facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Opportunities for deeper study of Japanese techniques with master practitioners are available as part of AIMC Berkeley’s continuing educations courses.

Culture & Community
AIMC Berkeley’s collaborative and supportive community is made up of a diverse student population from a variety of cultural and professional background including Western medicine, bodywork, theology, retail, corporate management, the arts, and more. Ranging in age from 25 to 65, our students come from around the country and around the world. Their unique experiences inform our community and shape our college. We boast an active student body and student council, a variety of student-led groups, student initiatives, peer-tutoring, and more.

Hands-on Clinical Experience & Opportunities
With over 1,000 hours of clinical experience, AIMC Berkeley exceeds most other acupuncture schools in the country in providing you with the opportunities to learn and practice the medicine. Your clinic internship begins in the first trimester with a theater observation class and continues throughout the whole program, with opportunities to work in our onsite acupuncture and integrative medicine clinic, herbal dispensary, and a with variety of patient populations at our four off-site internship locations. This comprehensive clinic experience throughout the whole program reinforces your learning from your classes with real world experience.

Experienced Faculty & Clinical Supervisors
Our highly qualified faculty members are recruited for their depth of knowledge, the diversity of their skills, and their unique personal qualities. Many of our instructors are skilled practitioners who maintain successful practices and believe in the importance of disseminating their knowledge ans sustaining the rich tradition of our medicine. Our didactic faculty are committed to guiding students through the exciting and challenging world of Oriental medicine and teaching them to transform theoretical education into practical application. Our clinical supervisors are committed to instructing interns in diagnosis, methodology, prognosis, proper record-taking, and clinical judgment. All are dedicated professionals who generously share their knowledge to develop and refine our students’ abilities.

High Level of Attention Given to Each Student
Our class sizes range from 10 to 30 or so students, and average about 15 students per class. When you start treating patients on your own in the last year of the program, we’ll provide one supervisor per every four students as you continue to develop strong mentoring relationships with your instructors. We purposefully cultivate a culture of collaboration here at AIMC Berkeley and you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime.

Your Success is Our Number One Goal
Our goal as educators of the art and science of acupuncture & Oriental medicine is to produce successful practitioners that can network and collaborate with other types of providers, function effectively as primary health care providers, and become the future leaders of our profession. We are committed to a continuous process of assessment and improvement to provide the most complete education available for 21st century AOM practitioners.