Community Outreach

Visit Our Booth @ Earthday SF on April 20

Learn more about acupuncture, herbs & oriental medicine! AIMC Berkeley will be at Earthday SF at Civic Center in San Francisco on Saturday, April 20 from 10am – 6pm. Stop by our booth, where happenings will include:

  • Shiatsu & tui na massages

    Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating 5-minute massage. Massages provided by junior and senior intern practitioners.

  • Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis

    Tongue and pulse diagnosis are two of the more important diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine. Different pulse qualities give an indication of the overall constitution of the patient. Pulse diagnosis can give very detailed information on the state of the internal organs and reflects the whole complex of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang. Thee tongue has many relationships and connections in the body, both to the meridians and the internal organs. It is therefore very useful and important for confirming TCM diagnosis and can also present strong visual indicators of a person’s overall constitution. Tongue and pulse dianoses provided by junior and senior intern practitioners.

  • Ear Acupressure

    The ear hosts acupressure points that correspond to each part of the body. When you stimulate a point, the smooth and abundant flow of qi or vital life energy returns the related organ or area, allowing healing to take place. Ear seeds can be used alone or in combination with acupuncture or body acupressure in order to treat a host of symptoms. Ear acupressure provided by junior and senior intern practitioners.

  • We will also be selling custom tea blends from the AIMC Berkeley Herbal Dispensary and Nishanga’s book, Real Food All Year.

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