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Qigong Self-care Group for Students

Under the direction of Medical Qigong Practitioner and current student, Sean Honea, AIMC Berkeley is excited to announce the initiation of a Qigong self-care group for students of bodywork, Qigong, and acupuncture. “Apart from providing a safe space and support group,” Sean explains, “I also want to teach self-care tools from a Qigong perspective that students can adapt to their busy schedules.

“Sages do not regulate diseases after they are already a disease. They regulate them before they arise. They do not regulate disorder after it is already a disorder.  They regulate it before it is a disorder.”–Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen.

What is it?
A drop-in style Qigong self-care group where current AIMC Berkeley students can learn basic grounding and rooting techniques, along with other self-care rituals relevant to TCM students.

When & where will it be held?
Beginning March 11, the Qigong Self-care group will meet weekly on the following days, in the following locations:

  • Wednesday, 12-1pm in Room F
  • Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm, Room C

Who will lead it?
Sean S. Honea, CMQ, CQT

Sean is originally from Lilburn, GA.  After serving in the US Army from 1997-2005, Sean attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he received his BA in American Studies. Sean is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at AIMC Berkeley.

Sean received a certificate as a Medical Qigong Practitioner (CMQ) and Qigong Therapist (CQT) under the tutelage of Dr. Suzanne Friedman in 2011 and 2012, respectively. He teaches qigong with the Integrative Medicine team at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek on a volunteer basis. In his spare time, Sean serves on the Board of Directors of the Berkeley Student Cooperative. Sean’s specialties include Medical Qigong teaching and therapy, public speaking, creative writing/poetry, and event planning.

How did you become interested in Qigong and what steps did you take to pursue your study of Qigong?

Like many acupuncture students, I first became interested in Chinese medicine in response to health issues. I discovered Qigong and acupuncture around the same time while on my quest to heal a double wrist injury and stress-related problems with fatigue. I started reading up on Qigong on the internet and exploring different Qigong forms on YouTube.

Searching for a Qigong teacher proved frustrating. I did a few internet searches and perused coffee shop listings for a while. I’d call numbers and get no response, or I’d show up to a class and be the only one there. This happened a few times, until a friend referred me to Larry Wong, a Qigong and Tai Chi master with over 40 years of experience. I was fortunate enough to train with him for about 8 months before he retired. During that period, I started at AIMC Berkeley.

A fellow student at AIMC Berkeley, Kally Ente, learned of my interest in Qigong and encouraged me to take Suzanne’s Medical Qigong modules during my first term. In truth, I had planned to wait a little bit before doing so, with Kally’s encouragement, I signed up. I got the last available seat in Module 1, and honestly, my world has never been the same since.

Extra special thanks to Sean Honea for his care of and support for the AIMC Berkeley community, and for his work in creating, managing, and teaching the Qigong Self-care Group for students.


For more details and information on the group, or for more information pertaining to other student services, please contact Erin A Olinick, Director of Marketing & Student Services, at




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