Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley

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    One faculty member, Barbara Martello LAc specializes in Japanese Meridian therapy and another, Koki Kawanami LAc uses fine Japanese needles and techniques to heal his patients. Among our students, Ra Adcock discusses our four off-site clinical opportunities including the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, where hundreds of doctors, surgeons and nurses are having “aha moments” with Oriental medicine. Our excellent herbal pharmacy is discussed by one of our graduates, Jill Morgyn. Katrina Hanson highlights how she is specializing in treating the LGBTQ community and recommends carving out a niche early on, as a student.

    Curious what AIMC Berkeley graduates are doing? Former Oakland Raider, Josh Taves LAc, a 2014 graduate of AIMC Berkeley, is working in sports medicine and collaborating with other healthcare experts.  Katya Zamrick LAc, and a 2014 graduate, works in AIMC Berkeley’s professional clinic. Zamrick, like many of AIMC Berkeley’s students, has a background in Western Medicine. Zamrick previously practiced as a medical doctor in Germany.

    Other video spotlights include:
    Students: Tali Weinberg and Shawna Seth
    Ggraduates: Elena Hirshberger LAc and Stephen Davis LAc
    Staff and Faculty: Ji Hyang Padma, PhD, AIMC Berkeley Student Services Coordinator and Nishanga Bliss DSc LAc, Clinic Supervisor and Faculty member